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Please review before your appointment.

Prescription Refills

The following Medication Refill Policy for this office has been set up to provide you, our patient, with what we believe to be a safe, effective and uniform level of care.

We process all complete and appropriate refill requests within 2 days of receipt of the request in our office, EXCEPT ON FRIDAYS AND HOLIDAYS, when they may not be filled until the next working day.

If your doctor gives you a written prescription, you can ask the office staff to fax it to your pharmacy or you need to take it in to the pharmacy. We request that you contact your pharmacy several days before you need any refills, so we can respond to them in a timely manner. Even if your prescription says "no refills", call your pharmacy. Prescriptions for stimulants (such as ADD medications) must be filled within 14 days of the date on which they were written.

When the On-Call Physician needs to be the person authorizing your request, you might get a very small supply and a notice to contact your doctor if you have not been seen recently, or missed your scheduled appointment. After-hours and on weekends, the On-Call does not have access to your chart, and therefore will generally not provide refills. If you run out of medications on a weekend, you could try asking your pharmacist to give you enough pills to last until the office is open on Monday.

If your insurance company requires prior authorization for your medications, it may take THEM several days to respond to our requests. Once we submit a request, we cannot do anything to hasten the process. If need be, you might need to pay for a few days' worth of medication and get reimbursed once the insurance has given approval.

Office/Cancellation Policy

When we schedule an appointment, we are both making a commitment to be here at that date and time, for that length of time. The schedule of all other patients, as well as the doctors schedule, are affected when reserving a day/time for you. We expect that your appointments will be a priority for you, and you will only cancel or reschedule in cases of true emergency. Our office will not continue to treat patients who routinely schedule and then cancel/miss appointments.

We require 24 hours notice if you are going to miss an appointment, except in cases of true emergencies. If given less than a 24 hour notice, you may be charged up to the full amount of the appointment (not just the copay), and you are expected to pay that amount at your next appointment. Your insurance can not be billed for missed sessions. It is your doctors choice to charge you for a missed appointment, not the office staff, so if you want to dispute the charge you need to talk to your doctor.


We require a credit card on file, and automatically charge for copays, deductibles, and missed appointments.

FMLA/Disability Paperwork: $25-50

Billing Fee: $10

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