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Kimberlee Charles


Dr. Charles completed her undergraduate studies in San Diego and is originally from the Reno/Tahoe area.  She returned to Reno to attend medical school at the University of Nevada School of Medicine where she stayed to complete her residency in Psychiatry.  She served as Chief Psychiatric Resident during her training. 


Dr. Charles believes that addressing wellness involves more than the use of medications; therefore, she addresses the physical health (including nutrition and vitamin imbalances), lifestyle (physical activity, nutrition, self-care), social support and connectedness, meaning and purpose in life, and environmental factors that affect our well-being.  She employs the use of medical knowledge and therapeutic techniques to address any life imbalances, and she encourages collaborative movement towards wellness and fulfillment in life.  


Dr. Charles tries to live a life that searches for balance and meaning through work, being with family, enjoying creative outlets, and continued personal, physical, and professional growth.  


Dr. Charles looks forward to being a part of your journey.  

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