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Dr. Tom Bittker is a general and forensic psychiatrist who brings to his practice a career-long study of holistic medicine. He has a special interest in the comprehensive life-management of mood, anxiety and attention disorders as well as ways to sustain cognitive performance throughout life.

A distinguished life fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, Dr. Bittker is a board certified both in general and forensic psychiatry and testifies regularly in both Federal and District courts. His career includes assignments with the U.S. Peace Corps, the National Institutes of Health and as the Medical Director of a 200 physician multispecialty practice.

He has authored more than 40 publications on subjects ranging from long-distance running, health economics, and to the treatment of depression and anxiety spectrum disturbances. He retains an appointment as Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Nevada School of Medicine and is a lecturer at the National Judicial College.

​He is an honors graduate from the University of Michigan Medical School and trained both at Harvard and at Stanford University where he completed his residency and earned a graduate degree in cultural anthropology. 

In order to facilitate optimal treatment please expect that we will be asking you to complete a series of questionnaires, accessible on our website in order to best define the dimensions of your concerns. In addition, we will be ordering a battery of laboratory tests as well as genetic testing to best define your general health and psychiatric risk profile to better define an optimal psychopharmacologic intervention strategy for your problem. Based on your profile we will be recommending several dietary and lifestyle changes to optimize your treatment. Please appreciate that we will be taking a holistic approach to your problems that may ultimately compel both biologic as well as a variety of psychotherapeutic interventions drawing from Dr. Bittker’s training in psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy as well as transcultural medicine. We view treatment as a process that emerges from an optimal partnership between you and your psychiatrist that seeks as a goal your highest possible long-term functioning. That functioning includes your health, your relationships and ultimately your ability to confidently master the challenges in your life. 

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