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Reno Psychiatric Associates offers Ketamine and Spravato treatments for treatment refractory depression, bipolar depression, OCD and PTSD.  Please talk with our staff if you would like to see if these treatment options would be an effective treatment option for you.  We will set you up with a comprehensive evaluation to determine if Ketamine or Spravato can help you.  

What is Ketamine 

Ketamine is a very old medication with new uses - it has been used as an anesthetic medication for surgical procedures since the 1970s.  Research over the past 20 years has shown ketamine to be very effective for treating depression, anxiety, bipolar depression, PTSD and OCD.  Even though numerous well-conducted medical trials have demonstrated Ketamine's exceptional efficacy, it is not FDA approved for the above listed conditions and therefore is not covered by health insurance.  Ketamine works by binding various receptors in the brain that promote regrowth and connections between brain cells.  

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What is Spravato 

Spravato (esketamine) is derived from Ketamine.  Ketamine is made up of equal parts of (S)-ketamine and (R)-Ketamine, which are mirror images of each other.  Both parts of Ketamine have been shown to promote antidepressant effects, but (S)-Ketamine was isolated and has ben heavily researched due to its greater potency at the NMDA receptor.  (S)- Ketamine is the active component of Spravato (esketamine).  Spravato is FDA approved for treatment resistant depression and major depressive disorder with suicidal thoughts.  As Spravato is FDA approved for the above indications, it is frequently covered by health insurance.


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